Warranty & Customer Support Policy

That's right! No disclaimers and no Weasle Words!

No Bullshit Warranty

The BATT Lap probably has the lowest return rate in the industry, at far less than 1%!

With this degree of customer satisfaction, I have always been happy to work with new BATT users, to make certain they have good results with the BATT lap..After all, I am a gemcutter myself, and take pride in my products! Remember, I orginally developed the BATT lap for my own shop.

Most returns have been for shipping damage, or accidents. For example, one person ran over one with a chair, another had a visiting grandchild drop one on the floor, a few people have gotten theirs contaminated with things like a well that delivered sandy cooling water, or a 1200 lap that was dying and throwing contaminants around.

In these cases, the lap is instantly replaced for the tokenresurfacing fee.

In rare cases of casting or machining defects , the lap is immediately replaced with no shipping charge on the replacement. Just send me the questionable one so I can throw it in the melting pot! (It is an expensive alloy.)

Pretty simple and straightforward!

Having trouble getting used to the lap? Never used charged metal laps before?

Contact me!

I am always glad to work with new users, whether a beginner, or a long-time "Other lap" user!

I am proud of the many people I have been able to help "convert" to the BATT lap!

NOTE: Laps that have been dropped onto a hard surface usually have grain damage at the edge so severe that resurfaceing is doubtful!

I have also had a few returned in this condition under my (generous) warranty. I am proud of the title of my warranty page, but this has to start working in both directions, to be fair. Since BATT™ rings like a bell, unless it happened in shipping (And this causes carton damage or crushing), most people are aware of it when they drop the lap on the floor.

Dropped Lap
Here is a returned "Defective" lap:

New Charging Video

Here is a movie clip of the new EASY charging process. I started with a piece of CZ (Since a few people think it is hard to polish).

This CZ was sawn, and then ground to a #600 finish.

The camera original runtime was 1:45 seconds.

Yes, 1:45 seconds to charge the new lap and 3K prepolish a piece of CZ. I edited it down to the essentials so it is only about 3Megs.